Electrical Maintenance


Did you know that most electrical disturbances originate inside homes and businesses? Appliances that draw power periodically, such as a refrigerator or air conditioner generally cause these disturbances. When these appliances kick on or off, it causes power fluctuations. The resulting spikes and dips, can damage your electronics. It is important to have preventative and protective measures in place to protect your appliances and electronics.

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Old or faulty wiring is a real danger. According to the United States Fire Administration, wiring and its various components are by far the leading cause of electrical fires in residential buildings. Most electrical components have a life expectancy that is shorter than the buildings in which they are installed. They will wear out before the building does. This means that if you don't maintain your electrical system, it's only a matter of time before it becomes a fire hazard. Proper maintenance is imperative to keep your building's wiring safe.


Long-McGehee Electric Co. can help keep your appliances working and your building safe with our electrical maintenance services. Our skilled electricians will make sure that your home or business has the proper surge protectors and power actuators that it needs. We'll also inspect your building and keep your wiring up to date and up to code.

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Long-McGehee Electric Co. also offers emergency power & light systems.
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